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How it works

Suretly is a first crowdvouching platform, which allows borrowers to find guarantors in order to obtain a shor-term loan.

Daily we and our partners receive many applications for assistance to obtain short-term loans.

We find a group of guarantors for each application, who will repay the loan in case of borrower's default. Your task is to issue a loan and to notify us of its return.

In case of a defaulted loan the guarantors are required to repay the entire loan amount including interest within three working days.

You don't even need to worry about debt collection, because all mutual settlements with guarantors take place on Suretly side.

Benefits for lenders
from crowdvouched loans

Business growth

Increase the volume of issuance by 30%

Cost savings

You won't have defaults on loans


You will reduce the burden on the debt collection department


You will increase the quantity of approved applications - at least by 30%


you will increase ARPU by 30%

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Data obtained from pilot projects with Russian short-term lenders

How to start cooperation?


Sign the contract with Suretly and our partners (with payment provider and credit history service)

Open a settlement account in a partner bank. It will be used to issue/repay loans, and replenish it.


Start issuing risk-free loans


$75 single-entry

$7.5/monthly per work

0.5% of each
issued loan



$150 single-entry

$45/monthly per work

0.2% of each
issued loan



$11,500 single-entry

$290/monthly per work

0.5% of each
issued loan


In all options, the default risk is 0%. Guarantors are obligated to repay the entire loan amount, including the interest

Issuing crowdvouched loans is more profitable,
than regular short-term loans

Your profit will increase, even if you opt to lower the interest rate several times..

short-term loans


Applications (monthly)

Marketing & transaction costs (per application), usd

Average amount, usd

Average loan term, days

Interest rate (% per day)

Default rate (%)

Approvement rate (%)

Loan volume, usd

Revenue, usd



You can enter your own paramenters & recalculate


It is beneficial for guarantors as well

Guarantors receive a fee ranging from 5% of the amount of the guarantee

Researches have confirmed interest in this area. Accordingly, at the end of 2016, one well-known financial service explored the interest of its users to the project. It turned out that one out of two wants to earn on short-term loans!

Payment for guarantor service

Maximum APR:

Maximum lending term:
3 months

Maximum amount:


Loan application: $200

Cost of guaranty: $20/monthly

The borrower will receive : $180

The payment for guarantor service is made from the amount of the issued short-term loan

The cost of guarantor service depends on borrowers' credit score — so the more reliable the borrower is, he less they have to pay for guarantor service.

For the most reliable borrowers, the cost of guarantor service will not exceed 5% of the loan amount per month. Also, the borrowers may invite their friends to become guarantors — then the service will be free!