people get
short-term loans

Evaluate borrowers, vouch
for them in 1 click, and get
up to 25% of the guarantee amount

You need only smartphone

Suretly — the world’s first

Borrowers from all over the world,
find people willing to vouch for them in return for a reward of
5-25% of the loan amount.

I like the simple mechanics of the earnings and the transparency of the platform. I use it as an additional source of income.

earning with Suretly since 2017

Suretly helps


  • 1. The volume of loans and APRU increases by 2-3 times.
  • 2. The burden on the debt collection department descends.
  • 3. The need to create reserves for defaults disappears.


  • 1. Borrowers with a good credit history can get a loan with a lower interest rate.
  • 2. Borrowers with a poor (or non-existing) credit history get a chance to improve it.

App Users

Invest $2 (or more) with little risk and earn commission on a guarantee.

Actual income up to 12% per month

Basically, Suretly provides

the ability to earn from anywhere in the world by using your phone a few minutes per day.

it will suit you if you have a small amount of money and you want to multiply it

Already several thousand guarantors from different countries earn money with Suretly

All about Suretly in 120 seconds

How Suretly works

Check out the example


Due to recent problems at work, Kate's credit history was damaged. She urgently needs $500, and she tried to apply for a loan from the bank, but she was denied a loan everywhere she went.

She applies for a crowdvouched loan.

Kate's application goes through to Suretly. You and a few dozen borrowers vouch for her.

The amount of the guarantee goes from $2 to $5

For 2-3 minutes, the amount of guarantees covers the loan amount. Kate gets a loan, and you get your commission.

Commission is 5 - 25% of the loan amount, and depends on the status of the borrower.

Depending on the status of your account, we will freeze from 20 to 100% of the amount of your surety until Kate returns the loan.

This is a short duration - from 10 to 30 days.



If Kate does not return the loan

We will charge the amount of the guarantee from your account in order to cover Kate's debt.

However, if you have chosen the right strategy, this amount will be covered by commissions from other guarantees.


If Kate returns the loan,

the amount of your guarantee will be unlocked and you have already earn 5-25% out of it

How much can you earn?

Imagine that you have allocated $300 among borrowers of all groups.

The total remuneration was $42.83.

6 borrowers did not return loans, and $20 were written off, according to the limits of responsibility.

The final income for the month was $22.83, or $273.96 for the year if the strategy continues to yield a similar result.

How can you reduce the percentage
of non-returnable loans to a minimum, and earn more?

Carefully evaluate borrowers

Each borrower has their own risk group: from A to G. The higher the risk, the higher your commission.

In addition, we show you historical statistics on loan repayments made by the borrowers of the same category.

Count upon an adequate rate

You can vouch for $10, and can for $2 – the choice is yours.

We will show you how to calculate a rate correctly : Suretly has a demo mode, cases, and tips.

To vouch small amounts immediately for 10-30 borrowers

Distribute the investment between guarantees, therefore reducing risks to a minimum.

This is how experienced guarantors act – follow their example.

In 2017, a fifth of our users received an income of 120% per annum.

Use our recommendations and you will succeed!

You can withdraw the earnings to any VISA and Mastercard in a couple of minutes

You can understand how all the functions of the application work on the first try.

However, as in all functions of the app.

Start getting passive income from surety right now

To start, why not give us a try with a demo account? :)

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